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Tue, 26 Jul 2005

Still hoping for common sense

I had a look at the website for Klinikken for Alle today, (direct translation: clinic for all). Their concept is to make common health services easily available, which I applaud.

In the news section of their website, however, I find that one of their latest articles promotes acupuncture as a remedy for nausea during pregnancy. In this case, acupuncture is being peddled by a midwife working for them (I'll withhold her name, if you're that interested you can probably find it on the website). She helpfully informs us that (my translation:) "In some pregnant women, the stomach energy is disturbed in the first trimester". Dripping sarcasm: I wonder what the latin term for stomach energy is.

But that's not all. A quick google for the midwife's name shows that she is an active participant of NAFO, the Norwegian Acupuncture Society. Interestingly, their first stated goal is to "preserve acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine as a separate medical system" (again, my translation). Acupuncture is not widely accepted among scientists as something that works, so how come they don't have "find evidence for acupuncture" as a main goal? NAFO does have a bullet regarding scientific research on their list, but I'm not convinced they will be able to keep that research objective.

If you're curious what exactly my beef with acupuncture is; practicioners of acupuncture charge patients money for their services, but are unable to sufficiently prove that their services actually perform. They also advertise their services as if it is known that they work. I think they are ripping off. Fortunately, most practitioners advise their patients to use acupuncture in addition to, not instead of, conventional medicine. Perhaps because it doesn't work?


Again I find it amusing that my readers are being served ads for psychic readings. There must be a lot of money to collect out there!

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