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Sat, 01 Jul 2006

Uri Geller debunked

Sometimes the name Uri Geller pops up in every day conversation. It appears that Uri has been pretty thoroughly debunked, but I guess only people who take a special interest keep updated on this.

There's a concept that the more incredible a claim is, the more credible the evidence has to be for it to be believed. Public showings of such skills are not evidence, because you can't rule out trickery. Bending spoons with one's mind goes against everything human kind has ever learned through systematic research.

Uri Geller has been bending spoons for years. It is pretty strange, though, that someone who allegedly has such remarkable powers should keep doing something so utterly useless. Anyway, there's a few people who have looked closer at Uri Geller's claimed powers. The results of some of them are:

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