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Changing language in The GIMP

I wanted to change the language displayed by The GIMP. It's easy when you know how, but I trawled the net and couldn't find anything, so I had to revert to my old friend strace to figure it out.

To change the language displayed by The GIMP to Norwegian, I wrote the following commands on the command line:


There you go. This method will not make the change permanent, for that you will have to consult the documentation for your operating system.

Before I found this out I experimented a bit with the LANG and LC_MESSAGES environment variables, and by adding a line like

no_NO ISO-8859-1
to /etc/locale.gen and running locale-gen, but I undid that later, so it shouldn't be necessary.

This recipe is for running The GIMP on (Debian) Linux. If you run The GIMP under Windows, there should be an application to change the language on the Start menu, under Start -> Programs -> GTK or something like that.

(C) Ketil Froyn, 2006