Fighting Outlook and Evolution - How to move your address book from Outlook to Evolution

Having trouble migrating your address book from Outlook to Evolution? I did. I had a lot of contacts in Outlook, but I was unable to export these because the Import/Export engine was not installed, and the CD was not to be found. So, then what? I searched around online, looking for utilities to convert file formats like pst to something Evolution could understand, but with no luck. I forwarded all my contacts as attachments in an email, but Evolution doesn't have the functionality to open/save/import many attachments (or files) at once. And here's me thinking things were supposed to be easier with computers in the 21st century...

Here's a short recipe of how I moved my address book. Beware, your success with these instructions may vary, but it seemed to work well enough for me.

If you know a better way to do this, feel free to let me know.

(C) 2004, Ketil Froyn