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Sitecom WL-011 wireless PCMCIA on a fresh RedHat 9 GNU/Linux install

Here's the documentation of what I did to use my Sitecom WL-011 (not v2) wireless PCMCIA network interface on my freshly installed RedHat 9 GNU/Linux. First I'd like to thank Asim Saglam who made instructions for Debian GNU/Linux available here. I used those instructions when installing, and have incorporated parts of them in this document.

If you are running Debian, you can try my instructions to configure the Sitecom WL-011 on Debian Sarge GNU/Linux.

Before you start

On my fresh workstation install, these packages were missing. Make sure you install them before you continue:

Download and compile the source

Download the source for atmelwlandriver version Unpack it in a suitable directory.

Now, if you haven't built your kernel from source on your system before, you'll need to create a .config file in your kernel source directory, because the configuration of the atmelwlandriver assumes that it will be there and contain some information. To work around this, run this command as root, changing /usr/src/linux with your linux source directory.

echo CONFIG_PCMCIA= > /usr/src/linux/.config

Next, in the directory where atmelwlandriver was unpacked, become root and do

make config
Answer n to all questions except these:
Build PCMCIA Drivers (y/n) : y
Build PCMCIA rfmd Driver (y/n) : y
Build applications (y/n) : y
Build command line application (y/n) : y
Now, do
make clean
make install
Then, insert the card into the socket, and look in /var/log/messages. Your card should be identified something like this:
Socket 1:
   product info: " ", "WCard"
   manfid: 0xd601, 0x0007
   function: 6 (network)
Now, edit /etc/pcmcia/atmel.conf and write in the equivalent of this:
card "Sitecom wireless 11Mbps WLAN PC Card"
    manfid 0xd601, 0x0007
    bind "pcmf502r"
Next, the device name given to my Sitecom card by Linux is atml0, so I had to create the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-atml0, which looks like this:
And then, to have the card started as normal, remove it and restart the pcmcia subsystem:
cardctl eject # then remove the card
service pcmcia stop && service pcmcia start
and then reinsert the card. The card should now be successfully detected and brought online.

(C) Ketil Froyn, 2004